Songkhla’s Breathtaking Sunset View

I uploaded sunrise photos in previous post. Beautiful sunrise view in the morning at Samila Beach will be completed by the Sunset in another part of Songkhla area. Adjan Boonyarit who has nickname just “Fa” ,you know he is also the one of moslem teacher in Liberal arts. He invited me and Dian to get a exciting place that quite far from techno. We passed the longest famous bridge in Songkhla ( sorry,i forgot its name ^_^” ) then i could see many fresh new view , makes we did journey until almost the day got dark. There is a lake with small houses on it and usually they able to rent by local or foreigner tourist. Syalalaaa, we saw very beautiful sunset from across of that lake. Adjan Fa stopped his car and let us to taking picture. I  think did it well!! haha and pleasure to share, here they are 😀







I just wanna share my experience and stories

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