I cant describe by detail how its feeling, but when you have dream, then you always try to pursue it/them with any ways, not matter you got the expected result or not yet. it’s only about time,.. when your effort gives best result, you will be ignore about right time. You will be automatically forgot how much time you throw, how much money you spent. It still become a great PRESENT from GOD, a best for you, although it is not like your expectation. But just believe, it’s the best version for yourself! do’nt complain before seeing it ends. Continue reading “DON’T EVER EXPECT IF YOU NEVER DREAM IT!”


Let’s work back!

Hello again,anyway.. so long time i haven’t write any post in this blog.I am still keeping all nice memories on my head dont worry. It is still worthy in my life,happened for once however. so i dont think i should stop writing for rememberance, Well pals! i do love you all, and still want to share anything to you. 10653512_947780915236127_5971009300702705_n
Continue reading “Let’s work back!”