I cant describe by detail how its feeling, but when you have dream, then you always try to pursue it/them with any ways, not matter you got the expected result or not yet. it’s only about time,.. when your effort gives best result, you will be ignore about right time. You will be automatically forgot how much time you throw, how much money you spent. It still become a great PRESENT from GOD, a best for you, although it is not like your expectation. But just believe, it’s the best version for yourself! do’nt complain before seeing it ends.

Being exchange student was my dream, my first goal as highest target was United State. I did efforts to make it comes true, begin with took TOEFL ITP Test, improved English, Uploaded any attachments like registration form, etc..watched youtube videos about alumnis experiences and their opinions too, saved money, asked more to seniors even lecturers (frequency lecturers of mine are abroad graduates). But… Tralala..I FAILED to get USA program,  but my sorrow has changed by other opportunity. suddenly, my lecturer offered me to be ready to go to Lampung University, neighbor city. I enjoyed my days in that city for about 1 month, then when i came back i tried more to apply for other scholarship, the newest opportunity was to Thailand. Then i kept my passion to fulfill any requirements, having interview, then syalalalaa… I Received a text to notify me that I was selected as representative from my university to go to Thailand. Firstly i thought it is not worthy enough because its not my first dream, but in the end i finally realize that was best GOD given to me, i realized that i was not ready for US yet. I need comfortable and safe environment,



I just wanna share my experience and stories

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