Let’s work back!

Hello again,anyway.. so long time i haven’t write any post in this blog.I am still keeping all nice memories on my head dont worry. It is still worthy in my life,happened for once however. so i dont think i should stop writing for rememberance, Well pals! i do love you all, and still want to share anything to you. 10653512_947780915236127_5971009300702705_n
2 years have passed,i finished to fight in university ( i am not student anymore:D), then changing my face to become a TEACHER! not a trainee teacher anymore like when i was in Songkhla, when i had an internship program. I am a real teacher then! for health students,consist of nursing, midwifery, health analyst, health environment, and nutritious. But trust me, long time i didnt write anything on this blog doesn’t mean i stop checking about all happen in here, Thank you so much for reading any article in this blog, so suprised when knowing that readers are not only from my country or from neighbor countries, but BIG HELLO for all friends from many countries in the world, from American, Europe, other ASIA friends, even from Africa.
I find myself as a mature now, maybe my look is little bit different with like how i posted yesterday. but i hope i also write better now, my English improved. of course you become more comfortable to read my writing. Let’s come back, here i am 😀 let’s enjoying to flashback once more :*



I just wanna share my experience and stories

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